PR Crisis Management

Our crisis team works hard to anticipate and diffuse problems that our clients face. Through extensive preparation, we strive to maintain a positive reputation despite negative occurrences that may arise.

At Weber Shandwick Southwest, we have unparalleled experience in media, government, law and business. We have been involved in virtually every type of crisis situation, including acts of terrorism, environmental disasters, product recalls, proxy battles, federal investigations, investigative media reports and board disputes.

Our experience with varied issues makes us experts at crisis management. Additionally, we prepare our client spokespersons how to conduct themselves in stressful environments through media training and our custom Firebell Crisis Simulator.

FireBell is a unique Social Crisis Simulator application that creates an authentic, real-time experience of being under attack on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels. Participating in a FireBell simulation provides social media crisis training experience for your team, in a secure, off-the-Internet environment.


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